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Senior Citizens Appreciation Day: March 30, 2013

  Valued Senior Citizens in St. Johns County were honored recently by Island Doctors and Christian Men’s Ministry at the Boys and Girls Club of St. Augustine. Over 200 participants enjoyed a luncheon in their honor for their dedicated service to the community. Part of the event focused on health screenings and education. The Zion Missionary Baptist Children’s Choir performed several song and dance selections. 

“It is refreshing and important to have our medical providers participate and partner with our communities,” said Mrs. Freddie Thompson. “I was so delighted to enjoy the fellowship this event provided to me.” 

“I expected this to be an entertaining event, but I walked away with so much knowledge about a healthy lifestyle,” said Jacqueline Bryant. “I remember the food pyramid facing down and now it is facing up! When did that happen?” 

Island Doctors conducted complimentary blood pressure and glucose screenings. Information about leading a healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise and disease management strategies was shared. 

“We are so focused on bringing the community together to share healthy living strategies which are easy for people to implement in their daily routines. More community events are on the horizon with the focus on improving the health of our residents in St. Johns County, said Roy Hinman, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Island Doctors. “Our focus is to continue to engage the community in healthy approaches to daily living.” 

About Island Doctors

Island Doctors is a leading provider of medical care to seniors in North East Florida. Our mission is to help seniors achieve optimal health status through education, meal planning, exercise, smoking cessation, and cholesterol management.

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