Island Doctors Becomes First Medical Practice to Deploy Platform to Combat Social Isolation in Seniors

Medical practice teams up with Amava® to roll out innovative new health improvement benefit to patients


ST AUGUSTINE, Fla, Sept. 21, 2021 — Always on the forefront of offering unique health improvement programs to their members, Island Doctors has teamed up with Amava to expand and compliment their existing tai chi, yoga and education classes by offering guided, interactive programs designed to increase engagement and combat loneliness.


Island Doctors has been offering both on-site and on-line fitness classes and education classes to seniors for over 2 years, but now will be expanding those offerings to unserved members and locations through this partnership.


The practice will continue to provide tai chi and yoga for balance, breathing, flexibility and social interaction. Now they will be able to provide additional live, guided sessions that will enable their patients to connect with others, have fun, learn and grow.


“We’ve been offering on-line education and fitness classes through Facebook, but the lack of personal interaction and inability to coach and guide our members has been limiting. Amava will change all of that and will allow us to serve more seniors with more offerings transparently.” said Dr. Roy Hinman, Medical Director and CEO, Island Doctors.


Island Doctors has been helping seniors live their best life through health improvement for over 30 years with over 50 locations throughout Florida.


Amava has developed a research-based delivery methodology and secure education delivery platform that keeps people engaged and connected while they learn. The results are improved interactivity, improved sense of purpose and health and well-being support.


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Director of Marketing

Island Doctors



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VP of Marketing