Frances Romero


     Dr. Frances I. Romero completed her Family Medicine Residency at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, PA, where she served as Chief Resident.  She is the founder and medical director of Shine Direct Primary Care, which originates from her resilience to recover from setbacks.  More than anything, she wants her patients to be resilient and live a life full of purpose.  She wants her patients to have the tools needed to shine in their life, work, and health.

Dr. Romero has over ten years of experience in healthcare.  She has worked in family medicine, underserved medicine, urgent care, telemedicine, and wound care.  Her passion for her career, shines through her words, especially when discussing a patient’s treatment plan.  Dr. Romero provides her medical services in English and Spanish and will be seeing patients at our office in Naples, FL.  Dr. Frances has been blessed with two children Isabella and Ferdinand, two mischievous cats named DJ Kaled and Mike, and her beautiful mother, Olga.