“Meet Christine Pond, Weight Loss Warrior”
     I just turned 70 years old and I have been fighting with my weight all my life.  I remember weighing 157 lbs in the sixth grade.  I remember because my teacher announced it to the whole class on health day!  I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I did not want to go to school for days afterwards.  When I was 32, I had surgery to lose weight.  It was called stomach stapling and it too was a failure.  I lost 30-40 lbs. but soon gained it back.  Before I went through menopause my weight was running 225-230 but during-after menopause my weight started to gradually climb up to 270 lbs.  I was miserable and unhappy and once again decided to have weight loss surgery.  In 2009 I underwent the RNY surgery.  I dropped down to 160-165. but my weight started to climb up again.  The highest I know was 192.
     I got scared that I would reach that 200 mark again and I heard of the Keto diet and decided to check it out. I started listening to doctors on Youtube and seminars etc. and I started following Keto groups on Facebook.  What they were saying made a lot of sense to me and I started following this way of eating in April 2018.  It has worked for me better than anything I have ever done.   My original goal was 150 lbs. and I reached it by the end of July.  I have continued to lose weight although I have not stuck to strict Keto way of eating, but more of a low carbohydrate diet and have lost another 20 lbs.  I never thought I would weigh 130 lbs. and I am healthy and happy.  All my lab reports have been fantastic, and my doctor has been very supportive.”
     At Island Doctors we offer weight loss health programs suitable for all our patients. Be sure to talk to your doctor about these programs so that you can be a weight loss warrior, too.