National Nurse Practitioner Week

November 10th-16th is National Nurse Practitioner Week.  On this week, we take time to recognize those medical professionals with the experience to help patients maintain good health and guide them to the treatment needed when illness occurs.  We would like to celebrate the following medical professionals and the important benefits they provide to their patients and to the health care field.


Monica Antigua, APRN

Destyni Blaylock FNP-BC (APRN)

Rose Boscaino, APRN

Christy Chong, FNP BC (APRN)

Cloressa Dizney FNP-BC (APRN)

Gloria Dobies MSN, FNP-C (APRN) CDE

Doris Bustamante Evans MSN, FNP-BS (APRN)

Giovanni Nieto, APRN

Shannon T. Pollard, APRN

Amanda Seegobin, FNP BC (APRN)

Paula Stowell, APRN

Eric Thoms, FNP BC (APRN)

Gemma Villapando, MSN, FNP-BC (APRN)

Brittney Walden, MSN, FNP-BC (APRN)


We salute your hard work and your commitment to our patients through health improvement!