Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic, progressive, neurological condition, affecting approximately one million people in the United States, with the prevalence expected to rise to 1.2 million by 2030. It is the second most common neurodegenerative disease in the United States with research suggesting the cause is a combination of genetic and environmental factors, but the exact cause and progression of the disease is still unknown.

Living with Parkinson’s Disease is a constant struggle for many, and the Parkinson’s Foundation has provided some helpful information to help guide those diagnosed to manage their daily symptoms. Through discovering the right medications with your physician, pursuing complementary therapies and exploring other support systems, efforts are being made to help patients stay independent, while enhancing the quality of life to endure this challenging disease. Some complementary therapies that work well, paired with proper medication, include:

Diet and Nutrition

Paying attention to what you put into your body can help enhance your health by optimizing your medications, while keeping your bones strong and your brain healthy.

Focus on Emotional Well-Being

Emotional strength is essential to maintaining physical health. So be sure to ask your doctor about the many ways to successfully navigate the array of feelings associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

Daily Living Activities

The Parkinson’s Foundation has a list of helpful suggestions on getting dressed, driving, traveling and more here.

Along with providing helpful suggestions to those living with Parkinson’s Disease, organizations like the Parkinson’s Foundation are turning to social media to help spread awareness and reach out to those who have been living with this disease for many years, as well as those recently diagnosed. Several campaigns have tried to exhibit the daily struggles and life challenges people face trying to lead normal lives while living with this debilitating disease. We have provided the links below if you are interested in finding out more about one of these foundations and their campaign for 2019.

It’s important to know, no matter what condition or challenging obstacles you are facing in life, that you are not alone, and that there are allies and resources available to you to help make life a little more livable. So, be sure to ask your provider at Island Doctors if there are any additional resources available to you, or how you can get more involved with outreach opportunities in your area.